Variety of editorial pieces, ranging from Breast Cancer Awareness Graphic Design, to conceptual illustrations on the art of memory, consciousness & self.

Poster created for the World Health Organisation on Onchocerciasis (River Blindness), and in conjunction with the Medical Artist's Education Trust Postgraduate.


Inspired by the need to re-vamp old Medical Textbooks, these front covers have been re-imagined in the style of Penguin Classics. The covers are designed to wrap around blank notebooks. Each contains a calendar, daily weekly planning views, organisational tabs and contacts to serve as a useful item of stationery for Medical Students & Healthcare Professionals.

GREYS LAYOUT A4_lines.jpg
Collection Front Covers.jpg

For one whole month I created an illustration every single day, according to a one word brief. The result is below: 

Font cover mock up for edition focussing on the neurological elements of human addictions.