2015-2017: Medical Artist in Residence. The Francis Crick Institute

I ran a series of workshops fusing art and science for The Francis Crick Institute as part of their Public Engagement programme. Participants were invited to learn how to build their own Zoetropes (optical illusion toys popular in the Victorian era) and to illustrate animation sequences on the topic of microbiology and the immune system. Children got the chance to create petri-dish bacteria art, using watercolours and pipettes from the Crick Institute's lab.

Crick ref.jpg

2017-2018 Medical Illustration courses at House of Illustration. I have run several adult Masterclasses on 'Medical Illustration'; exploring the history of the discipline, a sweeping introduction to anatomy, physiology, pathology and hands on guided exercises that explore the skills required to train and work in this industry. 


2016-2017: Medical Artist. Stafford County Hospital.

I worked with patients, staff, families and visitors to create illustrations that flooded both a 28 bed NHS 'Elderly Care Ward' and a 28 bed 'Respiratory Ward'. All artwork crated in collaboration with service users, shaped by directly by their needs and requests. Series of PPI workshops, evaluations, and design revisions needed over a period of a year to ensure final installation was a great sucess.

Physio Wall_8.jpg

2017: In partnership with Queen Mary University's Biomedical Department, I created outreach materials for 'Frontiers for Young Minds', including a series of live drawings and graphic recordings at Barts Pathology Museum, London. 

2015: I was invited to a number of festivals this year, including running an arts/science workshops at Latitude Festival focussing on drawing creepy crawlies...


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Selection of art-science illustration workshops taught all across London for Primary and Secondary school children - using illustration as a tool to communicate complex scientific topics from the anatomy of the urinary system to the osteology of the skull. All workshops taught in conjunction with House of Illustration, the UK's only gallery dedicated to the art of Illustration (founded by Quentin Blake). 

2010-2011 Selected for 6 month scholarship, 'Best of Young British Comic Talent', supported by the John Lyons Charity and based at London printstudio. Spent 6 months exploring sequential illustration and graphic novel development and design, looking at how to visualise science, history, english literature and the arts together. Taught comic workshops to the local community, and wider general public. Led to publication with UK publishing houses such as Self Made Hero, Bloomsbury Publishing , Cicada Books and working on the Moomin franchise!